How to write search engine optimized articles.

Search Engine Optimization is very important. It is the best way to increase your traffic and keep getting it for a long period of time. In this article, we are going to explain you in detail from A to Z, how to write a perfect Search Engine Optimized Articles.

Search Engines need instructions by the author. Search Engine’s do not have their own brain. So in order to get good Search Engine ranking, you must SEO your article.

Let’s start, Please pay 100% attention to each and every point. If you miss a single point, your search engine ranking can be effected by a considerable amount.

Writing Search Engine Optimized Articles:

1.)Get a focus Keyword. 

First of all, you need to get a keyword, which you want to focus on. For Example, my focused keyword for this article is “Search Engine Optimized Articles”.  Move on to next step, after you think of your focus keyword.

2.)Post Title.

Now you need a post title which include your focus keyword. You cannot expect good search engine ranking without a perfect post title. For example, this post title is “How to write Search Engine Optimized Articles”. This title is SEO (Search Engine Optimized).

Think from audience’s point of view. What they will type in the search engine? Most of us will write “How to write SEO Articles” or “How to write Search engine optimized articles”. This is why, this title is search engine optimized. This point is very important!

What not to do:

-Do not go for clickbait titles. Clickbait titles means, misleading titles with the purpose of attracting visitors. For Example:
“This reply by X superstar will leave you amazed”
“This guy proposed a girl, what happened next will shock you”

People keep this article names to engage visitors in a wrong way. Mostly, people share this type of articles on Facebook to engage visitors. But Google, Facebook and everyone hates Clickbait articles (misleading articles). You will get low reach on Facebook, your page can get unpublished. And their is no way, you can get a good ranking on search engines, so It’s a BIG NO, to misleading titles.

3.)Right use of Headings. 

Right use of headings is very important. Their are 6 types of headings: H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6.
H1 should always be used in post title. Try to avoid using multiple H1 in a post, as it is not search engine friendly. If you use multiple H1, it will badly effect your search engine ranking.You should always use headings in hierarchy (From H1 to H6). Try to include your focus word in the headings (Specially H1 and H2).

4.)Article Meta Description. 

This is the Meta Description:

Meta Description - Search Engine Optimized Articles

Meta Description is very important. You should give very much attention to your meta description. This also plays very important role in SEO. If you do not give a Meta description then search engines will pick it automatically from your blog. But it is always better to give a good Meta description to search engines manually.

Important: Make sure you include your focus word in the Meta Description

If you are using wordpress, you can easily do it by using some plugins. I prefer Yoast SEO Plugin .

If you are not using wordpress, then you can easily do it by editing your code.
<meta name=”description” content=”Your description here.”>

Note: The word limit is 157 characters, Google do not show more characters than 157.

5.) Image Alt text.

Search Engine’s cannot read images, but they can read the Alt (Alternative) text. So optimizing your images is also very important. So you must ensure, you have optimized your images properly.

Important: Try to include your focus word in the Alt text.

Their are 2 things to keep in mind, first is the Alternative text. If you are using wordpress, you can easily do it from the bar shown in the picture below.

Image Alt text Search Engine Optimized Articles

Otherwise, you need can do it from the code given below:

<img src=”YourImageAddressHere” alt=”ALTTextHere”>

2nd thing is, you should also give a good name to your image before uploading it. Most of the people do big mistake by giving their image names like “1” “image001” “pic2”. No, search engines also read the image name. So before uploading it, make sure, you give it a good name. Try to include your focus word, if possible.

6.)Total Words in the blog:

Yes, the amount of words in your blog also plays very important role in Search Engine Optimization. Search Engines think, more words = more information about the content which the user is finding. So this increase your chance of ranking high. Their is not fixed minimum limit, but many experts recommend to have at least 300 words in your article.

7.)Remove Stop Words from the link. 

What is stop word? Search Engines do not like stop words. Including a stop word in your post URL can badly effect your Search Engine Ranking. Consider removing stop words from your blog URL.

Post title: How to write a Search Engine Optimized Articles”.
So our URL will be like (if you are using wordpress):
“To” and “a” are the stop words in the above example.

Note: Never change your post URL once it is published, as search engines may or may not find the new url, and they will take the user to a error 404 page.

8.)Interlink your blog posts.

Interlinking your posts is very important. Interlinking your blog posts means: adding similar article links between the post, which the user may like.

This will help you to increase your page views, and decrease bounce rate. Users will stick to your website. This will also help search engines to crawl your other blog posts.

Note: Try to avoid linking posts that are not related to the main article.

9.)Use Search Engine Optimization Plugin.

If you are using wordpress, then i highly recommend you to use a SEO Plugin. SEO Plugin guide you at every point, while you write a blog. Most of the experts prefer Yoast SEO Plugin. Yoast Plugin is very good. It is search engine friendly plugin. This plugin gives you the following features:

  • Add a Meta Description
  • Checks if you are using your focus keyword in important locations like: Post title, meta description, headings, url of the page.
  • Much more as shown in the picture below.


If you are not using wordpress, then you need to use  Page Analysis tool available on our site


  • Find a focus word
  • Keep a search engine friendly post tile which include your focus word
  • Right use of headings
  • Meta Description
  • Include Image Alt Text
  • Try to write a long article
  • Remove stop words
  • Interlink your blog posts
  • Use a SEO-Friendly Plugin

SEO competition is increasing day by day, you cannot afford to be left behind. If you do not keep all the SEO tricks in your mind, you cannot get a good rank.

If you have any question, please feel free to ask by commenting below. Share this article, help us to grow!