WhatsApp Android Beta Version

WhatsApp is improving day by day.Currently, WhatsApp have more than 1 Billion monthly active users. It is very simple and easy to use. Anyone can use WhatsApp. Most of us use WhatsApp daily, it now became a part of our day to day life. WhatsApp just released it’s new Beta version. This WhatsApp Android Beta Version have two main updates:

  • Increase in the media sharing limit.
  • Gif Search

This Whatsapp Beta Version is only Available for Android currently, and if everything works fine, it will be official released soon for all users.

How to Download Whatsapp Android Beta Version: 

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Whatsapp Android Beta Version Gif Search.

Before some weeks, Whatsapp introduced GIF images. And now Whatsapp introduced Gif Search feature in it’s Beta Version for Android. This Gif Search feature allow users to search for GIFs stored in Whatsapp database, and then users can just send it directly.

1.First click on the “smile” icon in the chat box, as shown in the Picture Below  Whatsapp Android Beta Version Gif Search Smile option

2.Now click on the GIF Button at the bottom of the screen. Whatsapp Android Beta Version Gif Search update

  1. Now just search for the type of GIF you want in the search box. (Example: Thank you, Angry, Sorry, Awesome etc)
  2. Now you can add caption to the GIFs, if you want.

This new feature is powered by Tenor and God of GIFs Giphy.

Whatsapp Android Beta Version Raises Media Sharing Limit

This Android Beta Version of Whatsapp also raises the Media Sharing Limit. Till now, users were allowed to share only 10 Images/Videos at a time but WhatsApp increased this limit to 30, tripled it. Now you have less chances of sharing the same image multiple times or forgetting to add some images, fast and simple.

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Note: This is a Beta version, i do not recommend you to download it. Developers are still testing it and trying to improve it. This Beta version may misbehave. But WhatsApp team is working to improve it, and hopefully they will release it for everyone officially.