Top Torrent Apps for Android

Torrents are one of the best things on the internet. You can download any file with as much as speed possible, and a lot of other features like resume capability. There are Millions of torrents available on the internet today, you can download almost everything.

You need a torrent downloading software to download a torrent file. uTorrent is the most popular torrent app for Windows & Mac. But for Android, it is not so easy to decide, which torrent app to download. There are a lot of apps that will help you to download torrent files on Android.

Flud Torrent Downloading Android AppFlud

Flud torrent is one of my favourite torrent application. Flud torrent app is very simple and has a lot of features. One of my favourite features is Scheduling. Some of the main features of Flud App are:

Downloads: 5 Million +   |Rating: 4.5

  • Schedule: If you get unlimited data at a specific time of the day, then this feature can be very useful for you. You can schedule torrent downloads. I get unlimited data between 2AM-5AM, so I schedule downloads. Downloading automatically start at 2 AM and stop at 5 AM.
  • Set Priority: You can set priority to different torrent files. You can set 3 type of priority’s: Low, Normal, High. High priority files will download first, then normal priority files and at the end low priority files. This feature can be useful when you are downloading a season. You can start by downloading season 1, to the end.
  • Ability to move files while downloading: If you run out of space when downloading a torrent file, you can always change the download location.
  • Option to download only on WiFI: Mobile data can be expensive sometimes, so you can download torrent files only on WiFI, by enabling it in settings.
  • Other: Flud app also has other features like Change theme (Dark and Light mode), No speed limit, RSS feed support, Magnet link support.


BitTorrent torrent downloading Android AppBitTorrent

BitTorrent is one of the most downloaded torrent software for Windows, Mac and Android. It comes with a lot of features. Some of the main features are:

Downloads: 10 Million +   |Rating: 4.5

  • In-build powerful search engine: BitTorrent has an inbuilt powerful search engine. You can search for your torrent files inside the app only. Perhaps, saving the time of its users. Many of us face problem in find torrents, this feature can really help you.
  • Ad Free: One of the main features of BitTorrent is that it is ad-free. So, no more annoying ads to disturb you.
  • WiFi mode only: Just like most of the apps, BitTorrent also provides WiFI movie only, which means, you can download files only when connected to WiFI (If enabled from settings).
  • Latest core torrent technology: Helps to maximize performance.
  • Other: Light and clean design, No speed limit, Play music and videos inside the app from its library, No size limit and a lot more.


uTorrent torrent downloading Android AppµTorrent

uTorrent is the most popular torrent downloading App for Windows, Mac and Android. It is the official android torrent downloader. It is very fast, powerful and light. One of the oldest and best torrent downloader. No wonder, why this app has 100M+ Downloads on Google Play Store.

Downloads: 100 Million +   |Rating: 4.5

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It does not have as many features as other torrent apps, but some of its main features are:

  • No-Ads: uTorrent do not show any ads, which is a great thing. I really hate when Ads pop-up out of nowhere. However, pro version of this app is available, with more features.
  • Download over WiFI only Mode: Everyone needs this mode because mobile data is usually expensive, this app also provides Download over only WiFI mode.
  • No size & speed Limit: uTorrent do not have any size or speed limit. You can download it as much as possible speed and as much big file as you want.
  • Option to limit Download/Upload Speed: You can limit download and upload speed if you want. If you do not want the file to be downloaded ASAP, then you can limit the speed. So you can also browse the Internet while downloading it.
  • Download free music, movie and videos: You can download free stuff from BitTorrent’s Bundle licensed content partners.


aTorrent Android torrent downloader AppaTorrent

aTorrent is mostly like uTorrent. Some people say it is faster than uTorrent. I did a speed test, and compare the speed. And found out, there is no such considerable difference between the speed.

Downloads: 10 Million +   |Rating: 4.3

Some of its features are:

  • Torrent search dialogue
  • Support magnet link
  • You can open torrents from a browser
  • Limit downloads  by Wi-FI only
  • Option to pause downloads when phone is not charging


FrostWire Android Torrent AppFrostWire

FrostWire is an open source torrent client. It is a re-imaged app. I always love open source, because it is free and people can contribute to it anytime.

Downloads: 10 Million +   |Rating: 4.0

Some of its main features are:

  • Built-In Torrent Search: It searches for multiple torrent indexes and shows you the results inside the app. This can save your time. You can also filter search results by file type: Music, Video, Image, Application, Document etc. But of course, you cannot find everything with this Build-In search engine.
  • Play while you download
  • Download only when connected to Wi-FI mode. 
  • In-Built Music Browser

Vuze Torrent Downloader for AndroidVuze Torrent Downloader

This is a lightweight Android App but powerful. It probably drains less battery than other Torrent Applications. So, if your battery is mostly low, it can be useful for you.

Downloads: 1 Million +   |Rating: 4.1

Some of the main features are:

  • Simple torrent search engine
  • Increase/Decrease Torrent download speed 
  • Download over Wi-FI only mode
  • Download starts automatically on reboot. 


zetaTorrent Torrent Android AppzetaTorrent

zetaTorrent has some unique features. zetaTorrent is one of the best torrent app available on play store. I wonder, why it is not as famous as uTorrent and other torrent apps. Let’s look at its main features.

Downloads: 500k+   |Rating: 4.5

Some of its main features are:

  • Build-In Browser: zetaTorrent Build-In browser, is probably the best torrent app build-in browser. Some of its features are: Add favourites, History, Adblocker, Magnet links and torrent files are automatically recognized, Proxy.
  •  Limit Download/Upload speed: Users can limit download/upload speed. I usually limit upload speed sometimes, when it is really too much. It can help you to save your internet data.
  • Download only when connected to Wi-FI
  • Light/Dark Theme


Transdrone Torrent Android AppTransdrone

This app does not actually download torrent files on its own. This app allows you to remotely connect to your PC and see your downloads. You can also make changes to the download. Remove torrent, see sessions stats and a lot more.

Downloads: 100k+   |Rating: 4.3