Ring Android Phone in Silent Mode

3rd Method: Using Clap To Find (Requires just few claps, works even in flight mode).

Things you need to use this method.

  • The phone must be near you.
  • “Clap to Find” Application.

Clap to Find is an unique and awesome application. You can find your phone even when it is in flight mode. The last option you got. This Application have around 1m-5m downloads with an average rating of 3.7 stars. You just need to clap 3 times in order to use this.

1.)Download Clap to Find App

2.)After installing it, just configure it. It will ask you to clap few times to test the sound of clap and few other things.

3.)Just Clap 3 times to find your phone.

4th Method: Using CM Security AppLock AntiVirus (Requires Internet).

Things you need to use this method.

  • CM Security Applock AntiVirus Application
  • Internet Connection

1.)Download CM Security Applock AntiVirus Application

2.)Tap on the menu – Top Right hand side

3.)Tap on “Find Phone”

CM Security Ring Android Phone in Silent Mode

4.)Activate with any one option (Google+, Facebook, Email.)

5.) Visit this page

6.)Login the option which you used to activate Find Phone option

7.)After you login, you will get option to ring, lock, locate, erase the phone. You can also get notified, if the sim changes.

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In conclusion, i highly recommend you to use 1st Method at least. As you do not need to install any application for it and it is an in-built feature. Try other methods also, keep your phone safe.

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VIAKamal Chhirang