Ring Android Phone in Silent Mode

All of us Silent the phone many times because of some reason (In Class, Meeting, Library etc). So their is always a risk of losing the phone. It can also help us to ring the phone when someone else has stolen it. Not only ring, we can also Erase, lock the phone by following the given method. So in this article, i will tell you, how to Erase/ Lock/ Track/ Ring Android Phone in Silent Mode. Yes, you can also Erase and Lock the phone, in a single click, if someone has stolen it or like that.

Android is the most popular operating system with 1.4 Billion active android devices around the world (the numbers were recorded in the last 30 days). Android is very easy to use and flexible. Android have more than 2.2 Million Applications in play store. Android gives you a lot of features and options. One of the feature is to Erase/ Lock / Ring Android Phone in Silent mode.

How to Lock/ Erase/ Track/ Ring Android Phone in Silent Mode.

You can do this using 4 methods.

  1. Using Android Device Manager (Requires Internet).
  2. Using Ring My Droid (Requires Mobile Network).
  3. Using Clap to Find (Requires just few claps).
  4. Using CM Security AppLock AntiVirus (Requires Internet).

1st Method: Using Android Device Manager (Requires Internet).

Android Device Manager is an inbuild software, which allows you to Lock/ Erase/ Ring Android Phone in Silent Mode or in any condition, if the phone is connected to the internet.

Things you need to use this method.

  • Google Account
  • Android Phone.
  • Internet Connection.
  • Android Device Manager enabled.

Steps to Enable Android Device Manager.

1.)Go to settings of your Android Phone.

2.)Tap on Security or Privacy option.

Ring Android Phone in Silent Mode Security

3.)Tap on Device Administration.

Ring Android Phone in Silent Mode Device Administrators

4.)Activate Android Device Manager.

Ring Android Phone in Silent Mode Android Device Manager
Now you enabled Android Device manager and can ring your phone any time using your google account

Steps to Track/ Lock/ Erase/ Ring your Android phone.

1.)Go to Google Android Device Manager official website  and login.

2.)Now you will see Android Device Manager dashboard. Here you can Lock/ Track/ Erase / Ring your Android Phone.

Ring Android Phone in Silent Mode Device Manager


2nd Method: Using Ring My Droid (Requires Mobile Network).

Things you need to use this method.

  • Mobile Network
  • Ring My Droid App Installed.

Ring My Droid is a great application. This app have around 100k – 500k downloads with an average rating of 4.1 stars, which is considered as very good. Not all Phones are connected to the internet most of the time. So you can find your phone even if their is Mobile Network Available. All you need to do it send a sms to your mobile with the code you set in “Ring My Droid App”.

1.)Download Ring My Droid App

2.)After installing it, set a key phase (default is “RingMyDroid”)

3.)Whenever you want to ring your phone. Just Send a SMS to your mobile with your Key Phase.

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VIAKamal Chhirang