Restarting a Computer Fix So Many Problems

Whenever, their is a problem with the computer, the first thing we do is “Restart”, and it actually solves many problems.  So why Does Restarting a Computer Fix So Many Problems?

Restarting a computer is not only solve windows problem, it applies to all the computing devices. You may have heard of the advice “try resetting it” – Internet dongle, Android smartphones, iPads, iPhones. This also applies to software’s, closing and opening software’s also solve many problems.

When a computer is running all the programs background processes leave behind some trash that needs to be dumped. Sometimes, the program do not close properly and keeps on running in the background. So when you restart a computer, all things are dumped and your computer runs smoothly.

Restarting a computer also helps when some hardware or driver malfunction, overheating. When windows is unable to solve such problems, it shows blue screen error and restart without any warning. I guess, you all have faced this problem:

Windows Blue Screen Error

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Next time, when your PC is running slow or you are facing a problem, first try restarting your device.

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