Reduce Internet Data Usage On Windows

Windows Operating System consume a lot of Data at default settings. Windows consume a lot and a lot of Data. Windows keeps on updating itself, almost every day. In fact, those updates are useless most of the time. If you are using Windows 8 or Windows 10, then you may have noticed news, whether, sports app also use a lot of Data. It not only consume your precious data but also slow down the performance of the PC sometimes. In this article i am going to explain you, Tips to Reduce Internet Data Usage on Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10).

How To Reduce Internet Data Usage On Windows

1.) Enable Metered Connection (Windows 10)

This option give you more control over data usage, and limit your data usage. If you enable it, some Apps may work differently to reduce data usage, if you are connected to this network. This option can save a lot of Data, it is very useful option, it can save a lot of data. But When you are connected to this network (Metered Connection) some applications may work differently (a bit) to reduce data usage. This will surly help you to Reduce Internet Data Usage On Windows.

Steps to Enable Metered Connection option:

1.) Click and your connections from the LAN or WI-FI icon on the right side of task bar (bottom).

2.) Open advance settings.

3.) Enable “Set as Metered Connection”

2.) Monitor App usage

You can also monitor App usage of each application consuming your Data right now. Their can be many applications which are running in background and consuming Data, you can easily Reduce Internet Data Usage On Windows by disabling or uninstalling those apps which you do not want to consume your precious Internet Data.

Steps to Monitor App Usage:

1.) Search for “Resource Monitor” in your Windows Search Bar.

2.) Go to the Network tab

3.) Look out for the apps/process which are downloading/uploading (sending/receiving).

If you find a application which is consuming your Internet Data and you want to stop it, then

4.) Right click on it > End Process Tree

If the process/application starts using your Internet Data again after you restart your windows then:

5.) Open Run (Windows + R or search “Run”)

6.) Type “msconfig” and press Ok

7.) Go to startup tab

8.) Tick the process/application which you do not want to run on startup, and click on Apply. Make sure, you untick all other process/application leaving the one which you want to stop on startup.

If you are using Windows 10, you should also consider disabling Onedrive app on startup, it consume considerable amount of your Internet data.

9.) Click on Ok, and it’s done.

3.) Disable Automatic Windows Updates

When your computer is online (connected to the internet), Windows automatically check for updates and install them using these settings. When new updates are available, you can also install them before shutting down the computer. By Disabling Automatic Windows Update you can Reduce Internet Data Usage On Windows by a great amount. This updates are mostly not necessary.

Steps to Disable Automatic Windows Updates:

1.) Open Control Panel

2.) You will find “View by:” at the top of the control panel, click on “Category” button near it.

3.) Click on System and Security

4.) Click on “Turn automatic updating on or off” Under Windows update.

5.)Now select “Never check for updates” or “Check for updates and let me choose whether to download and install them”.

4.) Turn Live Tiles Off (Windows 8 and Windows 10)

Windows 8 and 10 Apps use your Internet Connection continuously. Click on your start button, and you will notice many Apps like News, Weather, Sports, Facebook using your Internet connection. You can easily turn them off by using the following steps and Reduce Internet Data Usage On Windows.

Steps to Turn Live Tiles Off in Windows 8 and 10:

1.) Click on start button (Left side of your taskbar)

2.) You will notice many tiles, right click on them and if it says “Turn live tiles off” it means, they are using your Internet Data, just click on it.
Turn Live Tiles Off in Windows 8 and 10

If it says “Turn Live tiles on” then it is not using your Internet Data. Click on each tile and check, if they are consuming your Internet Data or not.

5.) Turn Off Automatic Sync & Backups. (Windows 8 and 10)

If you have enabled automatic Sync & Backups, then you need to disable them in order to Reduce Internet Data Usage On Windows. I would like to advice you to manually perform backups, when you need it and want it. If possible, then you should really decrease the frequency of Sync & Backups.

Another advantage of this is, it also improve your Battery life.

Steps to Turn Off Automatic Sync & Backups on Windows 8 and 10.

1.) Go to settings

2.) Click on Accounts

3.) Sync your settings

4.) Turn Sync setting off.
Turn Automatic Sync & Backups off

6.) Do not Use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer is very slow, it consume more internet data than other browsers, i highly recommend you to use Another browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari). Microsoft Edge better than Internet Explorer, but it is still not the best and way behind from other browsers. You can use any other browser (Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari), this browsers are fast, use less data and improve user experience.

Google Chrome is the best browser, i recommend you to use it. But Google Chrome use more Ram than other browsers, so if you using a old and slow PC, do not use Google Chrome, try any other browser.

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7.) Use Google Chrome Data Saver Extension

If you are using Google Chrome, then you should also try out Google Chrome Data Saver Extension. Google Chrome is the best browser, more than 50% of the people use Google Chrome. It is fast, simple, easy to use and a lot more features. Google Chrome have thousands of extensions, one of them is Google Chrome Data Saver Extension.

Steps to Install Google Chrome Data Saver Extension:

1.) Go to Google Chrome Data Saver Extension

2.)Click on “Add to Chrome” Install it.

3.)After you install it, you will see this icon as shown in the below picture near address bar, it will show you how much Data you saved till now

Google Chrome Data Saver

This above 7 tips will surly help you to Reduce Internet Data Usage On Windows. If you have any question or problem, then please comment below!

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