Disabled Facebook Account

Today, we are going to explain you step by step, how to recover/enable a Disabled Facebook Account easily. Yes, it is possible to get a Disabled Facebook Account back. So, first let’s discuss what are the common reasons, why a Facebook account gets disabled.

Reasons Behind Disabled Facebook Account?

Facebook has all the rights to disable any account. If they think that this account is not following Facebook terms and conditions. But in most of the cases, Facebook do not disable a account for small reasons. They just warn the user. In Most of the cases, they only disable a account, if the user is spamming, post extremely  inappropriate content or risked the security.

Facebook does not give a specific reason. Even if they give a reason, you can’t trust it 100%. I noticed most of the times, Facebook do not give the exact reason.


Some common reasons are:

-Many users reported the account
-Spamming friends request
-Spamming groups, comments etc.
-Fake name

Their are 2 type of disabled Facebook Accounts:

1.)Temporary Disabled Account.
2.)Permanent Disabled Account.

Steps to recover a temporary Facebook disabled account:

1.) Appeal to Facebook by clicking here.

2.)Enter your Login email address or mobile phone number and your Full Name.

3.)You need to upload your ID. Upload it in JPEG form  (recommended by Facebook).

Appealing form for recovering Disabled Facebook Account

Facebook accept the following ID(s).

  • Birth certificate.
  • Personal or vehicle insurance card.
  • Marriage Certificated
  • Voter ID
  • Green card , residence permit or immigration papers.
  • Any ID issued by Government.

If you do not have any of the above ID, then you can upload any 2 of the following:

  • Credit Card
  • School ID
  • Check
  • Bus Card
  • Bill
  • Liberary card

Note:Make sure, your name, date of birth on the ID is similar to the details on your Facebook account.


4.)Explain why your account should be enabled, in “additional info”. Make sure, you give a valid reason and talk professionally.

Do not appeal again and again till the time which Facebook gave you expires.

Steps to recover a Permanent Facebook disabled account:

If your Facebook account is disabled permanently, then the chances of getting it back are 0.01%. The only way to get it back, is to contact Facebook personally (not official way). Go to their headquarters with full preparation. Explain them, why your account should be enabled again.

If you know any other method to get it back or want to add anything, please comment below.

Comment below, if you have any question. Thanks for reading.



VIAKamal Chhirang