Facebook Messages Without Seen
Facebook Messages Without Seen

In this article, you will get to know about 4 methods to Hide Last Seen On Facebook Messenger & Web. But before that, let us tell you more about Facebook in brief. Facebook has more more than 1.79 billion monthly active users. Facebook is the largest social networking website. The Facebook was launched on 4 February, 2004 by Mark Zuckerburg.  Most of the internet users have account on Facebook (Expect China, FB is banned in China). Today, we cannot even image internet without Facebook.

According to Alexa, An Average user spend 17 minutes on Facebook everyday. Facebook is growing day by day. Users can message each other, add other people as their friend, post pictures, videos, GIFs, share opinions, comment, like etc.

Facebook Chat was added on 6 April, 2008. Everyone loves to chat with each other on Facebook. Facebook chat has many features like texting, voice messages, video messages, attachments, photo sharing. Facebook Chat also include features like turn on/off chat for a specific or all users.

Facebook chat also have two real time features: “Typing” and “Last Seen”. Typing is a good feature and most of the users like it. But Last Seen is quite annoying to some people at some time. Last seen is also visible even if chat is offline. But Facebook also provide some options to Hide seen on Facebook Web & Messenger.
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You can Hide Seen on Facebook By Using Any Of The 4 Methods

1.) Hide Seen on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger provides a Option to Hide Seen (“Mark as unread”)

1.) Open Messenger App

2.) Long press on the person’s name

Long Press On The Person's Name In Facebook Messenger

3.) A pop-up window should appear, click on Mark as unread

Click On Mark As Unread On Messenger to Hide Seen

4.) Done, now you marked his message as “unread”

2.) Hide Seen on Facebook Web

This method is very simple and easiest, if you do not want to hide last seen message regularly.

Note: This method only works for Desktop Facebook or M.Facebook.com users. If you are using messenger, follow method 3.

1.) Click on Facebook Messages icon.

Click On Message Icon on Facebook Web Version

2.)Click on “Mark as unread”

If you are using dekstop PC:

Click on Mark As Unread to Hide Seen on Facebook Web

If you are using m.facebook.com, then click on the person’s name, and you will see this option at the top right side of your scree

Click On Mark as unread


3.) Hide Seen On Facebook Using An Extension

Note: This method only works on Web version.

1.)Install this extension in your browser.

For Chrome       |    For Firefox

Google Chrome Extension to hide seen on Facebook

2.)After installing, restart your browser.

3.)Done, Now All Your Messages are automatically marked as unread (Hide Seen).

4.) Hide Seen On Facebook Using Unseen App

1.)Install Unseen App on your Facebook account.

2.)Done. Now “seen” is hidden forever, no one will be able to know, when you read their message.

How to check, if it is working or not. 

1.)Click on messages icon

Facebook Messages Without Seen

2.)If it is working, then you will see different color of those chats as shown in the below picture.

Facebook Messages Without Seen

That’s all, this is how you can Hide Seen on Facebook Messenger & Web or Mark As Unread. If you have any doubt, please let us know in the comment section below.