Grand Theft Auto does not need any introduction, it is one of the most popular Video Game! If you are reading this article, most probably you also have played Grand Theft Auto (GTA) for weeks, months, years. Grand Theft Auto is available for almost all platforms. Today we made a list of 10 Mind-Blowing Grand Theft Auto Facts.

Top 10 Mind-Blowing Grand Theft Auto Facts

1.) Speed Run – It’s possible to complete All GTA Vice City Missions  in 57 Minutes

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Speed Run

Yeah, it is 100% possible to complete All GTA Vice City Missions in 57 minutes, that’s Mind-Blowing Grand Theft Auto Fact, right? There is a large community of gamer’s  trying to make a new record of Speed run. One of the guys actually completed All GTA Vice City Missions in 57 Minutes.

Note: This do not include the time wasted between traveling from one mission location or another. But one you start the mission, it will take overall 57 minutes.

If you also include time wasted in traveling from one mission to another then “KZ_FREW” completed all Missions in 2 hours 26 minutes 47 seconds, platform: PC. 

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may be you can also break one record!

2.) Entire Grand Theft Auto Series does not have any Child Character on the street

No Child Character in GTA

Ever noticed? The Entire series of GTA does not have any Child Character on the Street. No one knows why Rockstar do not include a single Child Character, it is totally their choice. Some people say, it is because of the rating/certification issues, but no one knows the exact reason. May be Rockstar do not want include Child Characters in a violent video game.   Their is a discussion on Reddit about it that may help you.

It has been confirmed that the Beta version of Grand Theft Auto III had Children characters as well, but they were removed in the final version of GTA.

In GTA IV, there is a Child Character. Her name is Jill Von Crastenburg and she is 13 years old (teenager), she appears in a mission But we cannot find her normally in GTA IV gameplay on the street.

In GTA: Vice City Stories we noticed Mary-Beth Williams. Mary-Beth Williams is the newborn baby of Louise Cassidy-Williams and Marty Jay Williams. We appear in Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories multiple times, in her mother’s arm. But we cannot find her in normal gameplay on the street.

That’s Mind Blowing Grand Theft Auto Fact, right? How many of you want to see Child Character in the next GTA game, tell us your opinion about it in the comment section below!

3.) The Grand Theft Auto Series has sold 250 Million Copies to Date

This is seriously Mind-Blowing Grand Theft Auto Fact, This series has sold 250 Million Copies to date, that is really huge. GTA is one of most played Game in the whole world. As i mention above, if you are reading this article then i am sure, you have played GTA for weeks, months, years.

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I have played GTA San Andreas multiplayer for more than for 2500+ hours. Check this article, if you want to know How to Play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multiplayer.

4.) If you shoot the Moon, it will change it’s size

In the 3D universe, if you shoot the Moon with a Sniper Rifle it will change it’s size.  With each shot it changes it’s size. If you shoot it for the first time with Sniper Rifle, it will become Bigger, if you shoot again, it will become more bigger. Shooting it 3rd time will make it smaller, 4th time will make it bigger again and shooting it 5th time will change it to it’s Normal Size.  It is still unknown if it was a bug or GTA did it intentionally.

5.) GTA Exist just because of a Bug in another game

Yes, The Grand Theft Auto series was just an accident. This happened during the development of a game named “Race’n’Chase”. Race’n’Chase was about Cops and Criminals. Developers of Race’n’Chase wanted to make it a Cop and Criminal game. Users had both options to become Cop and Criminal, and facing the opposite side. But a bug occurred during the development of Race’n’Chase, in the police cars.

So the developers decided to change the whole idea, and they removed the ability to play as Cop and changed the name to “Grand Theft Auto”.  Thank god to this accident!