Increase Utorrent Download Speed

Utorrent gives you many options in settings, by choosing the right setting, you can Increase Utorrent Download Speed Up To 300%. Some torrents are fast, and some are slow. Utorrent download speed fluctuates a lot, but you can easily improve and Increase Utorrent Download speed quickly.

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Steps to Increase Utorrent Download Speed:

In this article, we will tell you

  • How to pick the fastest torrent with best Seeder/Leecher ratio.
  • Help with setting up Utorrent for maximum download speed.

Pick the fastest torrent with best Seeds/Leechers ratio.

You must have noticed, whenever you go to download a torrent file, it shows Seeds and Leechers, so what that means? What is the connection?

Pick the fastest torrent to download

You need to pick the torrent with highest Seeds/Leechers ratio. For Example:

If a torrent has 6000 Seeds and 4000 Leechers, then the ratio is 60%.
The formula is Seeds*100/(Seeds+Leechers).

So the Seeds: Leechers ratio for the above example is: 3126*100/(3126+2076) =

3126*100/(3126+2076) = 312600/5202 = 60.092%, which is very good.

So try to find the torrent with highest Seeds/Leechers ratio.

Run a Speed Test

First, you need to check your Internet Download/Upload speed.
1.)Go to SpeedTest.Net and start the speed test

2.) Check your Download Speed, here is mine:

My Speed Test Download Speed

3.) Divide the Download Speed by 8. So my actual download speed is 0.61/8 = 0.076 MBps or 76 KBps

This is because the speed test is in Mbps (Megabits per second) and your download speed is shown in MBps (megabytes per Second)

1 Byte = 8 Bits, that’s the reason.

4.) Now check how much download speed you are getting in uTorrent, if it is the same as SpeedTest, then you do not need to change your settings. If it is not the same, then follow the below steps!

Setting up Utorrent for maximum download speed:

How to Configure uTorrent itself (automatically)

Now uTorrent gives users an option to configure uTorrent itself. uTorrent will test your network and try to configure itself for best performance.

1.) Go to uTorrent options and select “Setup Guide” or Press press “CTRL+G”

How to open Setup Guide in uTorrent

2.) Now Click on Run test

uTorrent Setup Guide Run Test

3.) Click on Save & Close after completing the test.

Save & Close after finishing uTorrent setup guide test

Now test the torrent download speed again, if you are still not satisfied then, check more steps below!

If you are facing some error and unable to complete the test, then I recommend you not to waste your time in fixing it. The below steps will solve your problem quickly.

How to Add Faster Torrent Trackers

1.)Open Utorrent

2.)Right click on the torrent, and click on properties.

Update Trackers to Increase uTorrent Download Speed

3.)You will see many trackers in “Tracker box,” scroll down to the end of the list.

Trick to Increase uTorrent Download Speed

Copy & paste the trackers below. Do not delete the existing ones; it’s okay if you have the duplicate. The more trackers, the more chances to increase your speed.

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Try this short list of super fast trackers first:
udp:// is a longer list:udp://

Adjust uTorrent Settings to Increase Download Speeds


 Adjust Bandwidth Settings


1.)Click on “Options” at the top and then click on Preferences or use this shortcut “CTRL+P.”

Go to options then preferences in uTorrent

 2.)Go to Bandwidth tab and set these values:

(i). Set the Maximum Upload Rate to 10-15.

(ii). Set the Maximum Download Rate to 3600. (Ignore it, if your internet is capable of downloading at more speed).

(iii).Set the Global Maximum Numbers of Connections to 2329.

(iv).Set the Maximum number of connected peers per torrent to 250-300. Do not set it more than 300.

(v).Set your Maximum upload slots per torrent to 14.

uTorrent Bandwidth settings to improve download speed

 Then Click on Apply & Ok

 Adjust Advance settings
 Click on “Options” then “Preferences.”
 Go to options then preferences in uTorrent
 Go to “Advance” tab and set this values:
 (i). Look for “bt.connect_speed” and set the value to 80
uTorrent Advance Settings bt.connection_speed to increase uTorrent Download Speed
 (ii). Scroll down and look for  “net.max_halfopen” and set the value to 100
uTorrent Advance Settings next.max to increase uTorrent Download Speed

 Then Click on Apply & Ok

 Prioritize the torrent.
 1.)Right click on the torrent
 2.)Hover on “Bandwidth Allocation” and set this to “High”.
uTorrent Bandwidth allocation high settings to increase uTorrent Download Speed

 Then Click on Apply & Ok

How to Reset uTorrent Settings Back To Default?

In case, if these settings do not work out for you, and you want to reset your uTorrent Settings Back To Default, then follow the steps:

1.) Close uTorrent. Note: Clicking on the “X” button at the upper right corner of the screen only minimize the application, so close it by clicking on the upper arrow near time (bottom right side of the screen, as shown in the below screenshot)

Right Click on uTorrent and then click on exit button

2.) Open Run (Windows + R or Start>Search for Run)

3.) Type %AppData%\uTorrent  and click on Ok

Type this in Run and Press Ok to go to uTorrent Appdata folder

4.) Now delete  settings.dat and settings.dat.old file. It is also possible to clear settings by uninstalling uTorrent.

Delete Settings.dat and settings.dat.old files from uTorrent appdata folder

If you know any other trick to Increase Utorrent Download Speed, please comment below.

Thanks for reading, I hope it works! If you have any question, just comment below.

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