Increase Facebook Page Likes

Facebook is world’s largest social networking website. Facebook have more than 1.8 billion monthly active users. In this article, I am going to explain you in detail How to Increase Facebook Page Likes. I created my first Facebook page in 2010, i have 6 years of experience on Facebook page.

Why you need Likes on Facebook Page?

You can use Facebook to drive massive traffic to your website or grow your business. Facebook have more than 100k pages.Almost every Website have a Facebook page, the competition is really getting tough day by day. Many users are earning thousands of dollar a day by using a Facebook page. You can also make a living from a Facebook page.

8 Tips to Increase Facebook Page Likes:

  1.) Share your Page’s post on related Facebook groups:

Facebook have thousands of groups. You can increase your Facebook page likes by sharing your page’s post on related groups. It is very easy and effective way of increasing your page likes.

First you need find some active Facebook groups, related to your page’s category. After that, you need to share interesting and engaging posts of your page on those groups. Also ask members to like your page in the post description. But make sure, you do not spam groups, otherwise Facebook will temporarily ban you from posting on groups or even disable your account. Posting 5-8 times a day is fine (All posts combined from all groups), but not more than that.

  2.) Convert Facebook profile into page.

You can also convert Facebook profile into page. Read this detailed article, for all steps.
How to Convert Facebook Profile Into Page.

  3.) Create an Advert

You can easily reach thousands, millions of users by paying Facebook. It is very cheap and effective way of Increasing your Facebook page likes. Make sure you choose the right audience and promote an engaging post (if you are creating an advert for a post). Choosing the right Audience is very very important: Location, Interest, Age, Gender.

Check this detailed article: How to Create An Effective Advert on Facebook.

  4.) Merge two or more Facebook Pages.

If you are admin of 2 or more Facebook pages with the same thing, then you can merge them if:

  • You are admin of both Facebook Pages.
  • Your both pages represent the same thing and have similar names.
  • Your pages have same address, if they have a physical location.

Steps to merge 2 pages: 

Important things to note:

  • Merging Pages cannot be undone once you have started the process or merged the pages.
  • Your fans will be informed that you have merged the two pages.
  • Posts   from the merged pages, such as: photos, text posts and the username will be deleted during the merge.
  • Likes and check-ins from both pages will be merged and shown on the remaining Page.

Merging process usually takes some hours, but it may also take some days. But do not worry, all your likes and check-ins will be merged.

  5.) Invite Your Friends.

Facebook provides a option to intvite your Friends to like your page. Select friends will be sent a notification that you have invited them to like your Facebook Page.

Steps to invite your Facebook Friends:

  • Go to your page.
  • Hover on more near like button on your page, and click on invite friends, as shown in the picture below:


Invite Facebook Friends to like your page

  • Then just click on “Invite” button.

You can also ask your friends to do the same.

  6.) Use Share For Share.

Many users do Share for Share to increase their page’s likes. So what is Share For Share? If you know someone else, who own a Facebook page, you can asks him to share your page on his page and in return, you also do the same. You can join a Share for Share group, and ask people to do Share for Share. People also call it S4S, use Facebook search bar to find them. This trick was very popular in 2010-2014, but now a days, people started to stop doing it, because of Facebook’s new algorithm, which decreased share for share’s post reach. But you can share page’s post instead of sharing the page, it still works.

  7.) Get Likes by Organic Reach

If you have considerable amount of likes already, then you can get Likes By Organic Reach. One of my friend have a page with 100k likes and he gets 1,000 likes daily without doing anything, that’s great right?

Post engaging images and videos. When a users Likes, Comments or Shares your page’s post, it shows on the news feed of their friends. And if they also like the post, then they may also like your page.

If Facebook also feels, that your page is good, they may suggest it to their users to like it. This is how you get Organic Reach and get Likes automatically.

  8.) Add LikeBox widget to your Website.

If you have a website, then you can add a Likebox widget to your website. Go to Facebook Developers page and create your own page’s like box. I recommend to show faces of your Fans.

This 8 Ways are most effective to Increase Facebook Page Likes. If you know any other trick, then please comment below. Facing any problem or have any question, feel free to ask below!

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