Play GTA San Andreas Online

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (GTA SA) is one of the best GTA game ever. It was released on 26 October 2004. It has the biggest Map ever in GTA history. Imagine playing GTA San Andreas Online with 1000’s of players at a time, What could be more better than this?

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Why you should Play GTA San Andreas Online / Multiplayer?

I have played GTA San Andreas Online for more than 9000+ hours.  Just Imagine, 9000 hours! Let’s do some calculation:

9000 Hours in Day = 9000/24 = 375 Days

Just Imagine, i played GTA San Andreas Online (Multiplayer) for more than 375 days, that’s more than 1 Year, if i play continuously. I am playing GTA San Andreas Online from 5 years. So do i wasted a lot of my time in playing it? Well Yes, but it was worth every penny! I seriously enjoyed it so much. Because it is awesome, i highly recommend you to try it once!

Play However You Want!

You can do whatever you want to do in GTA San Andreas Online / Multiplayer.

  • Play as Criminals, Rob Banks, Rob Stores, Kill Cops, Kill Civilians, Sell Drugs, Make Riotsand a lot more. You are not online, at peak hours you can find 600+ Criminals online at a time. #ThugLife
  • You can play as Cop, and arrest, kill criminals, stop them from robbing the Bank, Selling Drugs and other illegal. And you are not alone, at peak hours, you can find 300+ Cops Online at a time!
  • Play as Gangster and Capture Territories  (Turf) like a Boss with your gang. Their are more than 100+ gang in GTA San Andreas Online, You can regroup with your gang and attack other gang’s Territories.
  • Play as Civilian! Their are more than 30+ Jobs available in GTA San Andreas Online / Multiplayer, you can pick one or more of them and earn money easily!
  • Buy and Sell Stuff, Do Business, Get Rich and Buy Awesome Stuff!
  • Chat with 1000’s of players online! Yes, you can also chat with 1000’s of Players online! You will never feel alone!
  • And Much More than you have imagined!

Check out this official Trailer of one of the Server in GTA San Andreas “CIT”:

Steps to Play GTA San Andreas Online / Multiplayer

Since GTA San Andreas do not provide the option to play GTA San Andreas Online / Multiplayer, you need a software to do so. Their are 2 popular software’s by which you can play GTA San Andreas Multiplayer.  1.) Multi Theft Auto 2.)SA-MP.

I highly recommend you to use Multi Theft Auto. It is way better than SA-MP, and other software’s. Multi Theft Auto is all about making The Perfect Grand Theft Auto Multiplayer! Multi Theft Auti is Open Source. This Means anyone can contribute to making it even better!  Multi Theft Auto (MTA) has a great Community, great forum and great support! So if you have any problem, their is a large amount of community which is ready to help you!

1.) Download Multi Theft Auto (MTA) and install it

2.) Open Multi Theft Auto Software

3.) Click on “Server Browser

4.) Make sure, you are on the “Internet” tab

5.) Now here, you will find a list of 100’s of servers. But 95% of them really suck. The Best server on MTA is “CIT Cops ‘n’ Robbers, Gang Wars, Civilians |” server. This server have the most players. Type “CIT” in search bar or sort servers by most Players online, and double click on “CIT” server.

When you connect to it for the first time, you need to download files of 70MB. But don’t worry, it is only one time download, next time, you can connect to it quickly.

You may find it boring for some hours, but it’s just because you don’t know how to play. Just learn how to Play in CIT server and you will start liking it, trust me! If you got any question, you can ask it to other players. Just Press “J” Button and ask anything in support tab, you will get reply within 20 seconds probably.


If you are facing any problem, then please comment below! I would love to help you 🙂