The Best Thing About Android is, it is highly customization compared to iOS. Android provides tons of features to it’s users. Just like other devices, the performance of your Android Smartphone will start to diminish after you use it for some time.

Their are many reasons for your Android Smartphone to slow down Like: Ram, Cache, Multitasking, Bugs, Virus, hardware issues etc. If you are experiencing slow speed issues then we have 11 Tips for you to Improve Your Android Smartphone’s Performance in 5 minutes.

With just few changes, you can increase your Android Phone’s Performance by considerable amount in 5 minutes.

14 Tips to Improve Your Android Smartphone’s Performance

1. Turn Off Animations

Your phone screen fade as you switch from one task to another.  This is really cool feature, but kinda useless. You can turn it off in the developers menu and make your phone faster.

1.) Go to Settings
2.) Scroll down to the send and you should find “Developers Option”, open it.
3.) Enable Developers Option.
4.) Under “Drawing” Panel, you should find this 3 options: (i) Windows Animation Scale (ii) Transition Animation Scale (iii) Animator Duration Scale.

Android Turn Animation Off

5.) Turn Animation Off

Turn Animations Off in Android

Note: Do not play with Developers option, unless you know what you are doing!


2. Never Install RAM Management Apps or Anti Virus

You can find tons of Ram Management Apps and Anti Virus calming to speed up your PC and keep it safe. But you do not need them really, all they do is slow down your Android, keep on sending useless notifications etc. They run in background, slow down your Android and consume your battery life.

3. Clear Your Apps Cache Memory Regularly.

Have you ever noticed, when you open Facebook Application while you are not connected to the Internet, you can still see many things on your news Feed (Photos, Videos, GIFS, text messages etc). This is because of Cache! It store those items in your ROM memory.

Cache Speed Up your Apps, but why i am telling you to clear it regularly? If your Android Phone is running slow, then first you should clear the cache of Apps which you do not use daily. It will clear your ROM Memory and speed up your system. You should also clear the Cache of Apps, which you use daily once in a week.

You can clear cache of all Apps by going to Settings >> Storage >> Cached Data. 

Clear Cached Data in Android

If you want to clear Cache Data of some specific App, then Go to Settings >> Apps >> Click on the App whose Cache you want to delete >> Clear Cache

Clear Cache of Any App in Android

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4. Restart Every Day.

When your Android Phone is running all the programs in the background processes leave behind some trash that needs to be dumped. Sometimes, the program do not close properly and keeps on running in the background. So when you restart your Android Smartphone, all things are dumped and your Android Smartphone runs smoothly.

When your PC is running slow, you restart it, then why not your Smartphone?

Restart Android Phone

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5. Remove Useless Widgets

Widgets are not like Apps, they keep on running in the background and slow down your Phone by considerable amount. So, i recommend you to Remove Useless Widgets and keep only very important Widgets, if your Android Smartphone is running slow!

If the Widgets are consuming your Internet Data, then they slow down your Android Phone even more, also consume your precious Data. This will also help you to Save your Battery Life!

Steps to Delete Widgets on your Home Screen:

1.)Long Press on your home screen at any empty space (for around 2 seconds).
2.)Long Press again on the widget you want to remove
3.)Drag it to the dustbin or any other icon/work depending on your phone.

Android Widgets


6. Free Up Some Space

If your Android Phone’s Memory is almost full, you should consider to empty some space in your storage. This is one of the main reason, why your Android Phone is slow. Delete useless Applications. Consider deleting some photos/videos also, you can upload them to any cloud service like: Google Drive or DropBox.

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7.Avoid Using Live Wallpapers

Live Wallpapers are cool, but they slow down your smartphone, and drain the battery faster. Whenever you go to your home screen, Live wallpapers get activated and it slows down your smartphone!


8.Turn off auto-sync for your Google Account.

Sync is very good function. You will get a notification whenever a new email comes. It check, if their is any new email every 5 minute, which is good. But it slows down your Android phone and consume a lot of Battery. You should really consider turning auto-sync off for your Google Account.

Steps to Turn off Auto-Sync for your Google Account:

1.)Go to settings
2.)Under “Personal” section, tap on Accounts
3.)Select the apps manually, whose auto-sync you want to turn off. If you want to turn all Apps Auto-sync off, then follow step 4 and ignore this step.
4.)Click on more icon more icon
5.)Untick Auto-Sync Data

Turn Auto Sync Data Off

9.Remove Unwanted Applications.

Many of us download some Apps, thinking that this will help us in future or, just use them once. Do not think “You may need it in future”, think “When you will need it”, and the answer will be Never in most cases. Less Apps = Better Performance, that’s the logic!

10. Disable Unwanted Applications

Some manufactures like Samsung, Mi, Sony etc load Android with lot of useless Application, and it is not possible to uninstall them. So you should disable them. If you disable them, they will not appear on the App tray. You can re-enable, them at any time you want.

Disable Unwanted Apps in Android

11.Update Your Apps Regularly

Many of us, never update Apps unless they force us to. That is a bad habit, yes i Agree most of the updates are useless, but you should consider updating your all Apps once in a month (Whenever you get free Wi-Fi, may be). Developers always try to make their App light & faster, this can actually help you to improve your Android smartphone’s performance.

12.Use Lightweight Applications

You should replace heavy Applications with a lightweight app. For Example: If your Music Player is requiring 20 MB of space, you can replace it with another Music Player which require less space (like 1MB, you can find it in PlayStore). After all, you just need to play songs.

13.Perform a Factory Reset.

If all this above methods do not work, then you can try to reset your Android Phone to Factory Settings. This will delete everything in your Android Smartphone, and it will be like when you purchased it. So whatever is slowing your Android Phone’s Performance, will be removed and your Phone should probably work faster. If this also do not help, then it is the hardware problem.

Go to Settings >> Scroll down and click on “Backup & Reset” >> Factory Data Reset

Factory Data Reset Android

14.Install Custom ROM

If you have an Old Android Smartphone and the manufacturer is no longer supporting updates, then try installing Custom ROM. You can update to the latest version of Android using Custom ROM. Note: Installing Custom ROM will remove your Smartphone’s Warranty, install it at your own risk. If you are interested, this site is good for you, for more information: XDA Fourm

If you apply the above Tips, your Android Phone’s Performance should increase by a considerable amount.  If you are facing any problem, feel free to comment below, we will reply as soon as possible.

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