How To Block A Website In Google Chrome

Google Chrome is Known for its Simplicity, Security, and Speed. It is the most popular browser and probably the best till date. Google Chrome

Google Chrome have a lot of features and extensions. You can find thousands of extensions in Google Chrome extension store. Google Chrome do not ha

Google Chrome do not have a Built-in feature to block websites, but you can use an extension to do this task.

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Their are a lot of extensions in Google Chrome Store, but I prefer Block Site.

1.) Open this link – Block Site Extension

2.) Click on “Add To Chrome
Click on "Add To Chrome" to Install Block Site Extension

Click on Add Extension to Add Block Site Extension

4.) Now Block Site Icon will appear at the Right Top Side, Click on it >> Options

Block Site Options

5.) This page will open, you need to enter the URL of the site, which you want to block.
Now you’re done!

Enter the site URL which you want to block

6.) If you try to visit the website, which you blocked. This URL will appear. is block by Blocksite


This Extension also provide some more features like: 

Block A Website for selected days & time

1.) Go To Block Site Options

Block Site Options

2.) Go to Active Days & Time Tab

Go to Active Days & Times Option

3.) Enable Time Intervals Option, and adjust the time

Adjust Active Days & Times Option

Redirect the User to another website, if the user tries to visit the blocked site:
Block Site Options

2.) Enter the URL and click on Set

Redirect users to another site

Block Words in Google Chrome

1.) Go to Options

Block Site Options

2.) Go to Blocked Words Tab

Go to Blocked Words Tab in Block Site Google Chrome Extension

3.) Enable Custom List Option

Enable Block Words Option in Block Site Google Chrome Extension

4.) Enter the Word in this section which you want to block

Enter the Word in this section which you want to block


If you want to block a website because you suspect it as harmful for users (malware), then you can report it here: Report malicious software

That’s all, that’s the beauty of Google Chrome: Fast, Simple, Safe & A lot of features. Please Comment Below, If you have any doubt. We will try to reply as soon as possible.

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