Grand Theft Auto Series Speed Run Records

Their is a large community of Gamer’s who try to complete Games as fast as possible. It is called as “Speed Run”. Today we made a list of all famous Grand Theft Auto Series Speed Run Records.

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Game Name  All Missions 100% Video Link
 Grand Theft Auto III  2h 48m 17s 5h 22m 59s  All Missions 100%
 Grand Theft Auto Vice City  2h 26m 47s  6h 16m 15s All Missions / 100%
 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 6h 19m 59s 13h 46m 02s All Missions /  100%
GTA Liberty City Stories 14h 35m 57s 14h 35m 57s  All Missions & 100%
Grand Theft Auto IV 11h 06m 55s 11h 06m 55s  All Missions & 100%
GTA The Lost and Damned 1h 17m 41s 1h 17m 41s  All Missions & 100%
GTA Chinatown Wars 11h 32m 41s 11h 32m 41s  All Missions & 100%
GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony 5h 34m 40s 5h 34m 40s  All Missions & 100%
Grand Theft Auto V 12h 06m 17s 12h 06m 17s  All Missions & 100%



Note: All the above missions were completed on PC Platform. This is really mind blowing right? We wasted our weeks/months in completing the above games and some of them completed it within some hours. But they also wasted their weeks to make this records, after all, it is not at all easy. If you broke any of the record and have proof (video), then you can also submit your Grand Theft Auto Speed Run Record here.