Google Search Hidden Tricks & Tips


Googlis world’s biggest search engine and number one Website. Google was founded in 1996. We all use Google daily, without Google the internet is incomplete. It is very simple and easy to use website. But Google also provides advanced search option. Google’s entire codebase contains 2 billion lines of code, which is really huge.  In this article, we are going to explain you in detail, Google Search Hidden Tricks & Tips.

Google is getting smarter day by day. After all, they got World Class Programmers, Google is Number One Company in the world, Google search engine is the important part of Google, more than 700m+ people use Google everyday!

Top 17 GooglSearch Hidden Tricks & Tips:

1.) Search for an exact phrase.

If you want to search for an exact phrase. All you need to do is place the phrase in double quotation marks (“”).

Example, let’s take a line from the above paragraph. That is

"If you want to search for an exact phrase. All you"

and see the result in the image below:

Search for an exact phrase

2.) Exclude one or more words from the search result. 

Sometimes, one word has multiple meaning, so to avoid this problem, their is a trick to exclude one or more word from Google search result. Just put a dash or minus sign just before the word you want to exclude.

Example: Inception -Movie

Before Applying the Google Search Trick (Operator):

Excluding Inception Movie from Google Search Result

After Applying Google Search Trick to:

Excluding Inception Movie Result from Google Search Result

3.)Find Direct Download Link Of Any Movie.

Check this article for the complete guide: How to Find Direct Download Link Of Any Movie.

This is one of the best Google Search Trick. I prefer this over torrents. Because you do not need to waste time searching for a torrent and about the “seeds/peers”. I use Internet Download Manger” to download things, and it is really awesome. It got resume capability and great speed.

4.) Search within a site. 

You can also search within a website. All you need to do is enter this code in the search term “Site: URL:

Example: Hollywood

Now as you can see in the screenshot below, all the Search Results are from

Searching Results from only Wikipedia in Google Search

5.) Search for a missing word. 

You can also search for a missing word. All you need to do is write * in place of the missing word.

Example: Imagination is more * than knowledge

And just take a look at the search results below, the missing word is “Important”.

Searching For An Missing Word in Google Search

6.) Search by image or URL

If you have an image and want to search for the exact image but in different sizes or similar images. You can perform Reverse Image Search.

Go to Google > Images or click here.

Click on the camera icon in the search bar. Now for an image by URL or upload the image. It will search for all the images of different sizes, or similar images.

Google Search Hidden Trick by image

7.) Find sites with similar content to an URL.

If you want to search for websites with similar content, you can use this trick. You just need to type:  related: shawshankURL


Find Sites with similar content to an URL in Google Search

8.) Find pages whose title contains all words in the search.

You can find pages whose title contains a particular word in the title, with other terms appearing elsewhere in the document.

Example: allintitle:My Name is John

Find pages whose title contains exactly all the words you wrote in the google search engine

9.)Search for words in the URL

Find pages with the search query mentioned in the URL.

Example: allinurl:Ronaldo match

Search For Words In The URL of Google Search Results

10.) Search for the cached version of a website. 

If a website is down, then you can find the cached version of it. Just type, cache:URL


After typing that, google will re-direct you to the cached page automatically.

Open Cached Page of a website using Google Search trick

11.) Search for a specific file type.

You can also search for a specific file type. You just need to type the file type at the end of the search term. Some file types are: pdf, ppt, doc, txt, xls, mp4, mp3, PSD etc.

Example:  FIFA Rules .PDF

Now all can filter all search results with PDF format.

Searching for a specific file type using Google Search Trick Operator

12.)Find Search Results related to a particular location.

If you want to find news of a particular location, just type location:PlaceNameHere

Example: Food location:New York or News location: Dubai

Find Search Results related to a location in google search

13.)Search for something within a number range.

You can search for a number or price range. Separate numbers by two dots to see results that contain numbers between the given range. Cool Google Trick right?

Example: SmartPhone $200..$300

Search for something within a number range in google search

14.)Either OR

By using OR term you can search for one or another term, not just all the terms.

Example: Olympics 2012 or 2016

Either OR Google Search Trick

15.) Google Search Special Features 

Google also have a few special search features that will help you find what you are looking for, faster.

  • Weather <city>
  • Time <city>
  • <Team Name> – (see  Sports score )
  • <equation> (Eg: 56*54)
  • Sunset <city>
  • <Amount unit1> to <unit2>  (eg: 1 mile to km)
  • IP (It will show your IP)
  • define <term>
  • translate <word> to <language>
  • Movie <moviename> (Showtime)
  • <Flight number>
  • <Tracking Number> (Package tracking)

16.) No Country Restriction

You can open instead of your country’s google website. Just add /ncr.

17.) Use Google Search Tool (Filter your search results):

If you are using Google from Computer, then you will get the “Tools” option just below the search bar, click on it, and you will see many options.

Google Search Tricks & Tips

If you are using Google from the mobile browser then:

1.)First, do a Google Search
2.)Select the type of results you want: News, Videos or Images.
3.)Swipe the menu to left, as shown in the picture below

Google Tricks & Tips Search tool

4.)Click on Search Tools, and you will get the option to filter your results.Google Search Tricks & Tips tools


Googl Fun Tricks:

Just type the following words into Google and see the magic.

  • Do a barrel roll
  • askew
  • The Loneliest Number
  • Google in 1998
  • Google sphere and press I am feeling lucky.

Cool Google Search Hidden Tricks & Tip Right?

That’s all, I hope you liked this 17 Google Search Hidden Tricks & Tips. If you know any other trick or facing any problem, then please comment below.

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