Fix WiFi Authentication Problem

Sometimes, we are unable to connect to a WiFi Network, because of “WiFi Authentication Problem”. In this article, i am going to explain you 9 Methods that may Fix WiFi Authentication Problem. This issue is more common in Android Tablets and some versions of Android Smartphones.

9 Solutions to Fix WiFi Authentication Problem

1. Enter the Password Correctly 

This is one of the most common & obvious mistake people make. Double check, if you entered the right password (including Capital Letters & Special Characters).

2. Restart your Device 

Restart fix a lot of problems, this is one of the first thing you should do, if you are facing any problem. I would recommend you to read this article: Why Does Starting A Device Fix So Many Problems?

3. Restart your WiFi Device 

If restarting your Phone also did not fix the problem, then i recommend you to Restart your WiFi. Some WiFi devices are not so good, but the good part is restarting the WiFi Device mostly fix the problem. I need to restart my WiFi at least 2-3 times in a day and it always works.

4. Check the max number of Devices that can connect to your WiFi

All WiFi Devices have a limit of maximum users. Make sure, the limit is not reached. You can google to know how many devices your WiFi device can support, or ask Customer Care.

5. Reset your WiFi Device 

It is possible that you changed the settings of your WiFi device or someone hacked it, you can try to Resetting your WiFi Device, it may fix your WiFi Authentication Problem.

6.Change the Range of Your WiFi Device

It also helps sometimes, go far from your WiFi or come very close.

7.Check the Name

Make sure you are connecting to the right WiFi, sometimes their are multiple WiFi signals available with similar names.

8.Use A Static IP 

(i). Open your Settings

(ii). Go to WiFi

(iii). Long Press on the WiFi Name

(iv). A pop-up menu will appear, Select Modify Network

(v). Check Advance Settings box

(vi). Change from DHCP to Static

(vii). An IP address Filed will appear Below. Note down the information included in the static IP address field then delete it. Then re-enter the information again, and save.

9.Reset your Smartphone/Tablet to Factory Settings (Last Option). 

If none of the above solutions fixed your problem. And if you are able to connect the WiFi device to other Smartphones (PC/Tablet), then you should consider resetting your device to factory settings. But before you do that, make sure you backup everything (Photos, Videos, Data etc). It will erase everything from your Internal Phone’s Memory.

I hope this 9 solutions will work and Fix WiFi Authentication Problem. If it still did not solve your problem, comment below! We will try to reply within 12 hours.