Facebook Plans to Fight Clickbait

In this article, we are going to explain you how Facebook Plans to Fight Clickbait. First of all, let’s understand:

What is Clickbait?
In simple language, clickbait is engaging/misleading titles whose main purpose is to make you click on the link. Clickbait Articles are all over Facebook.

Example, titles like:
“She asked her dad to give $10 and what happened next will shock you”
“Remember this girl from X movie, this is show she looks now”

This type of titles are really annoying and Facebook hates them. Recently on 13th November 2016, Mark Zuckerberg posted this status on his account. He clearly informed everyone that Facebook hates misleading titles, fake news, clickbait. Facebook is changing it’s algorithm to fight against such articles.

But the main problem is, this type of articles are all over Facebook, it is not going to be that easy for Facebook to do it. But yes, surly Facebook will stop or reduce the amount of this articles.

This is How Facebook Plans to Fight Clickbait

  • Target this keywords like “What happened next will…” “Remember this Y” “This reply by Z will…”
  • Put Clickbait pages (pages which regularly post clickbait articles) in a special category and decrease their article’s reach.
  • Unpublish facebook pages which post clickbait articles (Facebook already started doing this, but they give other reasons like “Commercial use of page” “Not following 1 or more facebook rules in terms & conditions”).
  • Ask users, if you would like to see this type of articles more often (Facebook already started working on this)

So it is clear that Facebook will 100% take strict actions against this type of articles. Facebook became more serious on this when they showed fake news about Donald Trump winning US election on the election day, which helped Trump to win election.

My advise to all those pages who share click bait articles is to stop it as soon as possible. Facebook is very serious about it, if not today, then tomorrow they will 100% take strict action against those pages.