Delete Facebook Account Permanently

If you do not want to stay on Facebook anymore, you can either delete Facebook Account Permanently or Deactivate it.

Difference Between Deleting Facebook Account And Deactivating Facebook Account

Deleting Facebook Account Deactivating Facebook Account
You cannot access your Facebook Account again, after deleting it. It is gone forever. You can access Your Facebook Account anytime you want. Just Login again.
Facebook will delete your account permanently after 14 days, however, it is deactivated immediately and will be deleted after 14 days permanently. Facebook will deactivate your account immediately, and you can get it back anytime, you want.
It may take up to 90 Days to delete your data from Facebook database but it is not visible to anyone during that time. (This is what Facebook say, but they may keep your data in the database, no one knows!) Nothing is deleted From Your Facebook Database, it is just not visible to anyone.
Messages you sent will remain visible because they are not stored in your account only. Messages you sent will remain visible because they are not stored in your account only.

How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently?

1.) Go to this URL: Delete Facebook Account

2.) Click on “Delete My Account

Click on Delete My Account Button

3.) Now enter your account’s password (for security reasons) and enter the text, then click on OK

Enter Password and pass security check then click Ok

Now your account will be deleted after 14 days. If you re-login, then Facebook will not delete your account.

Download A Copy Of Your Facebook Account Info

You can also download a copy of your account info before deleting your account from your settings.

What is included in the copy of my account info? 

  • Your Messages
  • Posts, Photos, and Videos you have shared.
  • Information from the about section of your Facebook profile

Steps to Download A Copy Of Your Account Info:

Note: You can only download a copy of your Facebook Account Info from web version of Facebook.

1.) Click on “” at the top right corner of your Facebook, then go to settings or just click here: Facebook General Account Settings

Click on down arrow to go to Facebook Settings

2.) Now click on “Download a copy of your Facebook data

Click on Download a copy of your Facebook data before deleting your Facebook account permanently

3.) Now click on “Start My Archive”

Click on Start My Archive

4.) Enter Your Password and click on submit

Enter your Facebook account password

5.) Click on “Start My Archive”

Click on Start My Archive in the Request My Facebook account backup pop-up box

6.) Click on Ok. Now after 5 minutes, a copy of your Facebook account info will be emailed to you. You can also download it directly from Facebook, just refresh the page after 5 minutes. This may also take a more time, depending on how much data your Facebook account have.

Now you will receive an image with the Facebook account backup download link

This is how you will Delete Facebook Account Permanently. Hate your friend on Facebook? Send them this article link 🙂 Just kidding!