Convert Facebook Profile Into Page.

Facebook is the largest social networking website. Facebook developers are working day and night to improve Facebook. They are adding more and more features to Facebook everyday. One of the feature allow users to Convert Facebook Profile Into Page.  It can help you to increase likes effectively.

Facebook page can reach to more people compared to profile. Facebook page gives more features (Insights, Boost posts, better reach and much more) and help the business to grow.

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Steps to Convert Facebook Profile Into Page:

1.)Login your account which you want to convert into Facebook page.

2.)Change the name of your account to desired page name. Page will have the exact name of your profile.

3.)Go to this link  to Create a Facebook Page based on your Profile.

4.)Click on get started and follow the instructions given by Facebook.

5.)After that you will have 14 days to copy profile info to your Page.

There changes are made, after you change your Facebook profile into page.

  • All your friends will become likes (followers) of your page.
  • Link of  your Facebook profile will change to the link of your Facebook page.
  • You will lose all the messages in your inbox.
  • You will not be member of any group.

You can also change your Facebook page name after you convert it, but keep the following things in mind.

  • Use a name that accurately represents what this Page is about.
  • Match the name of your business, brand or organisation.


  • Include any variation of the word “Facebook” or include the word “official”
  • Mislead people by representing a person, business or organisation other than your own.
  • Use terms or phrases that may be abusive or violate someone’s rights.

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