Android Guest Mode

Android is full of features. One of the feature is Android Guest mode. Using this feature, you can protect your private info (Email, Mobile wallets, Messages, Pictures etc) and share it without worrying. You can easily setup Android Guest Mode in few seconds.

Switching to Android Guest Mode:

Note: This feature is only avaiable for Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher version (if any).

1.)Swipe down to open Quick Settings.

2.)Click on users icon and this window will appear.

Android Guest Mode

3.)Click on Guest or Add user.


Configuring Guest Mode:

1.)Go to settings

2.)Scroll down a bit and tap on “Users” under Device.

3.)Click on settings icon

4.)Now you can enable/disable Phone calls and SMS.

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That’s all. Guest Account comes with the factory settings and apps. Guest mode will have the version of Android which was installed in the phone when you brought it, and the same apps. If you want, you can upgrade them. Share your phone but protect your info 🙂