How To Add All Facebook Friends To A Group Using At Once


It can be an annoying task to add all Facebook friends to a group manually. But nowadays, people need to work smart instead of hard. You can automate this thing easily.
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Steps To Add All Facebook Friends To A Group In A Single Click 

There are 2 methods to do this:

  • Using A Script In Google Chrome
  • Using A Google Chrome Extension

Method 1: Add All Facebook Friends To A Group Using A Script In Google Chrome

1.) Go to the group, to which you want to add your all friends.

Open The Facebook Group In Which You Want To Add All Your Friends

2.) Now Press F12 or CTRL+Shift+I to open Inspect Element box In Google Chrome

3.) Now Go To Console Tab and Press CTRL+L

4.) Now go to this link  Add All Facebook Friends To A Group Script. Thanks to SafeTricks for this script.

5.) A text file will automatically get downloaded, open it and copy the script

6.) Copy & Paste the script into the console box

Paste the script in console tab to add all your friends in the group at once

7.) Press Enter, and now the script will automatically add all your friends to the group.

Note: This script is 100% safe, don’t worry. 

Note2: Use Method 2, if you have many friends (more than 300). Method 1 Adds, All your friends to the group in few seconds. And Facebook’s script may assume that something wrong is going on since the script is really fast. You may get blocked for adding more friends temporarily. But don’t worry, it’s nothing, happened to me like 10 times. It won’t harm you!

Method 2: Add All Facebook Friends To A Group Using A Google Chrome Extension

1.) Go to this Google Chrome Extension Page And Add it to Chrome:  Group Invite All Chrome Extension

2.) Now go to your Group Page

3.) Click on the extension icon, as shown in the screenshot below

Click on add all friends to group extension button

4.) Now wait for some minutes, the script will add all your friends automatically

If you have any problem in adding your all friends to Facebook in a single click, please comment below. We will try to respond as soon as possible.