20 Amazing YouTube Tricks And Tips You Must Know


11.) Download A YouTube Audio

Sometimes, we just need the Audio of a YouTube Video. By using this trick, you can Download A YouTube Audio. Just Add “ListenTo” before Youtube.com.

Example: www.listentoyoutube.com/watch?v=RJaj39jI-qk
YouTube Video to Audio MP3

12.) Line-up all the Youtube Videos From A Specific Channel

If you want to watch all Videos from a Specific YouTube Channel, then this Trick is perfect for you. All you need to do is add “&list=UL” at the end of the URL.

Example: www.Youtube.com/watch?v=RJaj39jI-qk&list=UL

YouTube Videos List from a specific channel

13.) Increase YouTube Video Volume Using VLC

Sometimes, Volume of some YouTube Videos is very slow even when the volume button is to the maximum. All you need to do is, Open VLC Media Player. Press Ctrl+N, and paste the URL of YouTube video. Now VLC Media Player will run the video in it. Now you can increase the volume using the volume bar downside. If you want to increase the volume up to 200%, then use this shortcut “Ctrl+Up Arrow Key”.

Play YouTube Videos in VLC and Increase Sound

14.) Play YouTube Music Video With Lyrics

You can Play Almost All YouTube Music Video With Lyrics using this Android App/ iOS/ Google Chrome Extension. Just Install MusixMatch and it will do the rest of the work automatically. This App have 7m+ Lyrics in 32 Languages!

MusixMatch Chrome Extension
MusixMatch Android App
MusixMatch iOS App

YouTube Video Lyrics Chrome Extension

15.) Use MooMa.sh To Identify Music In YouTube Videos

Sometimes, the background song of a Video is really awesome, but we do not know, the name of the song. Using MooMa.sh, you can identify Music of 92% of the Videos in few seconds.
You can use the website: http://www.mooma.sh/ or Download the Android App

Find YouTube Video's Background Music using this site or app

16.) Filter YouTube Videos For Kids

Youtube have an App for Kids (Android/iOS), you can download it and give it to your kids without worrying!

Download it for Android App | iOS App

This App is made for Kids, it is colorful, voice search support. You Can also set a timer after the time is up, the App will lock down.

YouTube Kids


17.) Delete Videos From Watch History Or Pause History

YouTube Keeps a record of all Videos watched if you are logged in.

If you want to Delete Watch History from the website, then click on “History” at the left menu side, and then clear watch history of all videos or some specific videos. You can also pause History as shown in the picture below.

Delete or Pause YouTube History

If you want to Delete YouTube Watch History from the App, see the screenshot below. But you cannot Pause History from the App.

Delete or Pause YouTube History in App

18.) Use YouTube Search Operators

YouTube have some Search Operators, which can really help you to search things quickly and more accurately.

-Add “Channel”, to search for a Channel
-Add “Playlist”, to search for a Playlist
-Add HD to search for HD Videos
-Add 3D to search for 3D Videos
-Add “allintitle” to get an exact match for a search query.
-Add Minus sign to omit results for a specific search.

19.) Surf The Web And Watch YouTube Videos At The Same Time

Their is a Google Chrome Extension, which allows you to Watch Videos while surfing the web. Install it now: Floating for YouTube. This extension also block ads, but it’s Ad blocking feature is not as good as Adblock Plus.

Watch YouTube Videos While Surfing The Web

20.) Change Content Location

YouTube shows 80% of the recommended videos from your country. If you want to see what’s trending around the world, then you can change Content Location.

Change Content Location from YouTube Website:

Go to YouTube.com, and scroll down to the end, and you will find the option “Content-Location”, click on it and change your Content location.

Change YouTube Content Location in Web Version

Change Content Location from YouTube App:

Go to Settings > General > Scroll down a bit and you will find change Content-Location option!

Change YouTube Content Location in App


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