20 Amazing YouTube Tricks And Tips You Must Know


YouTube is now world’s 2nd most visited website after Google. Yeah, it even beat Facebook Now. You can find a video about almost anything on YouTube from “Our Earth Live from Satellite by NASA” to “How to talk to a Giraffe”. The Internet is now incomplete without YouTube, now! Here are all the Top 20 Amazing YouTube Tricks And Tips, You Must Know!

1.) Download Youtube Video: Just Add ‘SS’ Before ‘YouTube’ in the URL

Type ‘ss’ before YouTube.com. Example:


Trick to Download Youtube Video: Just Add 'ss' before youtube.com

This will redirect you to another website, where you can get the download page directly. Then Just Select the Video Quality and Video Type.

Simple and Easy Trick to Download YouTube Videos!

Youtube Video Download Page


2.) Just Type “Use the force Luke” and Watch YouTube Act Drunk

This trick is really cool, 1 time try feature. YouTube will literally act Drunk, if you type “Use the force Luke” or just click on this link, and see YouTube Drunk (Use the force Luke

Make Youtube Drunk

Note: This do not work in the YouTube App.

3.) Use YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

YouTube also have some Keyboard Shortcuts which improve user experience, but most of the people do not know about them.

Space/K = Pause/Play Video

M = Mute the YouTube Video

I = Fast forward the YouTube video 10 Seconds

J = Rewind the YouTube Video 10 Seconds

Number 0 – Go to the Beginning of the Video

Number 1-9: 1 Means 10% and 9 means, 90% of the video. Each Number increase the percentage by 10%. Example: 5 = 50%

-+ = Make Caption Bigger (If Captions are On)

— = Make Caption Smaller (If Captions are On)

4.) Watch 18+ Videos Without Logging In and Defeat Country Restrictions

Some YouTube Videos are restricted to Adults only and in order to prove that, You need to Login. If your age is 18+ in your YouTube Account, you will be able to watch it.

But, You can watch Youtube Adult Video without logging in by using this trick. All you need to do is remove “watch?” from the URL, and replace the “v=” with “v/”.


Normal URL: www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3pcntj5n84
Modified URL: www.youtube.com/v/u3pcntj5n84

5.) Type “doge meme” and see Colorful YouTube

If you type “doge meme“, Youtube will turn colorful, just an awesome and simple YouTube Trick.

Doge Meme YouTube Trick to make it Colorful
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